Meyerstead Up Ahead!

Ash Canyon

I was 9 the first time I remember going to a nursery to pick out flowers with my mom. We lived in the mountains and grew a decently lavish flower garden in pots that year and many years to follow. I loved picking out all the colors and varieties of flowers and plants and then arranging them in each container, nestling them snug into the soil, and watching them grown and thrive through our short Summers. I so looked forward to it every Summer! It is one of the memories of my childhood I cherish and attribute to my current love of gardening, albeit may look very different now.

My love of gardening has evolved into a desire to grow and produce as much of the food for my family as possible. We have lived in the suburbs for the last 10 years and done our best to nurture and grow the desire of self sufficiency and sustainability right where we were. We had some successes; a decent sized backyard garden of raised beds, a small flock of chickens, and some moderate success with winter hoop houses, cold frames, and a make shift greenhouse we build in the garage. Needless to say, we were still pretty far off from achieving our “self sufficiency” status! What we needed was more land! Room to spread out, grow and learn.

We have been praying, and seeking, and searching, and hoping….and then it happened! God literally opened doors that weren’t even there to open and our dreams are coming true. In just 29 days we will be moving our 3 girls, 1 dog, 4 chickens and 2 rabbits to a rural property just under 3 acres! I still can’t believe that it’s actually happening. After all the dreaming, planning, hoping, searching and disappointments….it really did just come down to waiting for Gods perfect timing to fulfill the desires He has placed in our hearts. And, of course, He always does so much more than we could ever do or hope for ourselves. He’s such an over achiever 😉

The busyness of selling and packing and moving has not dampened the OVERWHELMING excitement that has been building and building over the last few months. Our escrow period has been quite long, we had an accepted offer for the property we will be moving to December 24th and will be closing on that property March 31st (I know, it has felt as long as you are imagining it would and then some!). Still, I have to say that I am, again, grateful for God’s sovreignty in all things…this time has been needed. In that time we have celebrated all 3 of my girls birthdays, sold 2 houses, and had time to say goodbye and emotionally detach from our current home. The home I had 2 of my babies in. The home we have been in since my oldest child was only 22 months old who is now 8. The home we have grown as a family, couple, and individuals in. The home we have learned innumerable skills and lessons in. The home we transformed into exactly what we wanted. That’s a lot of home. A lot of heart. A lot to detach from. A big goodbye. So, all that time has been the salve on the sadness of goodbye. Goodbyes are funny that way….no matter how wonderful the coming “hello” may be, there is still a sadness in goodbye, isn’t there?

That being said, you can follow along here if you want! I sure would appreciate your company, wisdom, experiences, and anything else you’d like to offer. We know we have a lot to learn! Many things will be first time endeavors (goats and pigs anyone?) and much will be building on some of the basic knowledge we have gained over the past 6 years at our current residence. Our family is so excited for this new adventure to begin and to see where God takes us through it. If you’re looking for us, we’ll be growing, building, raising animals, milking, collecting eggs….over at the Meyerstead! #29daysandcounting

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