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What is SO adorable it physically hurts, weighs 3 pounds, has brown and white spots, is soft and fuzzy, and has 4 hooves? Okay, I’ll just tell you; baby Norwegian Dwarf goats! These are the most adorable creatures on Gods green earth and He sent 2 little doelings here just for us! They were born 3 days ago and we braved the wind and snow to go meet them this morning. Side note about the weather….I mean, will this Winter ever end? It’s March 5th, enough already. Who pissed Elsa off? I will find you…

Back to my VERY cute reality. My girls melted into puddles when we put these babies into their arms. And I melted seeing my babies holding such adorable babies. Obviously there was  a lot of melting going on, and we’re not talking about snow. Unfortunately. I know, I need to “let it go”.

I put a deposit down on these babies so they are officially ours in 6-8 weeks. I mean, it’s so for real now it’s almost painful. 26 days feels unbearable in only about 4 instances;

1. pregnancy

2. pregnancy

3. pregnancy

4. this move

Ok, ok, OKAY! Prepare for serious cuteness. Are you sitting down? Because there will soon be some crazy “aaaaaaawwwwss” and “ooooooohhs” and that can be distracting. So pull over if you’re driving. Turn off the oven if you’re cooking. This totally deserves your undivided attention. Ready? Set. SCROLL!

 My oldest daughter got her hands on that goat baby, who she has already named Astrid, and did not put her down the entire hour we were there. And my middle child well…she was up and down. But that’s so very “her”. And she desperately wanted Moonlight (her goaties name) to eat the straw she was shoving in her face😂

 This is how my ovaries will be surviving the emotions and hormones of “No more babies”. New babies every Spring? I think yes. And the answer is yes, ovaries have emotions. Trust me.You can tell it’s ovary emotions when you start having thoughts like “awww….I want another BABY!” or “Just ONE MORE and our family will be perfect” or “The newborn phase isn’t THAT bad and it’s so short”. Yep. Ovary emotional nonsense. Cure? More goat babies.

 Astrid, you are already so loved. And I think you felt the “special connection” Addison swears you created in the 60 minutes you were together. It’s love. True. Love.

 Moonlight, I think you two will be perfect for each other. I can’t wait to say “Remember when Moonlight wouldn’t eat the hay you tried to feed her, and you felt so sad? That’s how mommy feels when you won’t eat your dinner”. Good times. Good lessons. This is working out already.





 That is the face of a child that probably should not be holding a 3 day old anything. If you drop a baby goat, what happens? I mean…it’s a goat. Do they land on their hooves? Do they immediately start jumping around? Do they just straight BOING right back into your arms? Research is needed.

These babies will be coming home to join us in just a few weeks and there is a lot to do! Trust me when I say the obsessive pinning has hit a new high. So. Many. Goat. Houses. And things. All the goat things. If you want to see the best of the best goat things out there, feel free to peruse my board

We chose Norwegian Dwarf Goats because of their small size (adults are only about 18″ at the shoulder) and high milk fat (average of 7%). They have a great production rate for their size averaging around 4 cups (yes cups, because we’re American, and we roll in cups, not quarts or mils or anything silly like that) per day. Since we will have 2 in milk at a time (milk goals 🙌🙌) we should be getting roughly a gallon every couple of days. Whoop!

They also produce milk for an entire year, which means we only have to breed once a year to keep them in milk. Double Whoop! This has been a great day! Dreams are coming true folks. Stay tuned.

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