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I used to be so great about journaling every day. I have a fabulous record of all the years I want most to forget! Ha! I have really slacked on putting pen to paper since having babies and let me tell you something true: I miss it. Writing kind of feels like a luxury when I have 3 young children at home, homeschooling to keep up with, a house to keep clean, bills to pay, ect. etc. (I won’t bore you with my lengthy “to do” list, but you get it, eh?).

My hope is that, between blogging through our experiences here at the Meyerstead, keeping good records of all our growing, raising, and collecting going on, that I will fulfill the growing desire to get back into regular journaling. Writing has always been a soul outlet for me and I am excited to get after it again, even if in an ordinary way 😊

I have also been told that keeping accurate records will save me time, money, and trouble. You had me at money. Let’s do this.

Here are a few things, in no particular order, I have intentions of keeping records of

Record Keeping - Egg counting w pencilCRITTERS

  1.  For goats, pigs and rabbits; birth dates, breeding dates, pregnancies, and births (is it weird that it looks like I record “births” twice? you get it, right?)
  2. Cost of hay/grain/supplemental feed for goats, pigs, rabbits
  3. For Chickens and Turkeys; daily egg count and feed expense
  4. For Rabbits; feed expense, manure output, breeding dates, births
  5. Bees; age of queen, where bees/queen came from, type of bees, age of queen, amount of honey and when it was harvested.
  6. Guardian Dogs; birth dates, vet checks, health checks, etc.



1. Compost Piles, specifically when I have left one to sit without being added to…should be “ready” within 14-21 days using the “Berkley Method” which I will be attempting to use.

2. In the Spring;

  • when beds were fertilized and with what,
  • when seedlings are started in the greenhouse and the garden,
  • when they were transplanted outside,
  • how many of each seed was sown and how many came up

3. How many of each plant and production rate

4. Which varieties produced the best and which ones tasted the best

5. Seed collection:

  • when they were collected,
  • how they were stored
  • how well they sprouted the following Spring

6. When mulch is applied, how much, what type

7. Will also be tracking what time of the year is best to do different gardening chores such as:

  •  injections to kill aphid eggs,
  • oil to prevent coddling moth on fruit trees,
  • when best to release ladybugs and praying mantis’s, etc.

EQUIPMENT (Not that we have much! But want to take good care of what we do have!)

  1. Maintenance schedule
  2. When new tools or equipment are bought and where from
  3. A place for receipts, warranties, and manuals

Some will think this list far too ambitious, others that it is definitely lacking. To each I say; correct! I have no idea what is actually going to prove worth the trouble of recording just like I’m not sure what I am missing. What I can say, is that I am excited to find out!

So, tell me, do you keep records of what’s going on in your garden or homestead? I’d love to hear how you organize your system and what you track! Have you found it makes a difference in your year to year planning?

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT*** Our baby goats were born 2 days ago!! We will be heading out to Dayton to see them tomorrow!! We are SO. EXCITED. Stay tuned for some crazy cute baby pictures!😍🐐

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