Welcome Astrid and Moonlight!

Baby Goats in Pen

Today was a tremendous day…a landmark day. A day that represents so much of what I have thought about, prayed about, dreamed about, and given up on a thousand times. I am overflowing with thanksgiving at the incredible life God has opened up and allowed through the move and purchase of this property. He is so good. These two sweet sisters came home to the Meyerstead this afternoon! Golly, I’m such a sucker for sweet little bleats and heart shaped noses. And basically anything with fur 😀

Girls in Car with Baby Goats

Yes, the girls rode the 30 minutes home with the babies on their laps. They only bleated the first 29 minutes and were perfect angels the entire rest of the trip!

Channing in Car with Goat

Channing did not move a muscle, besides her very energetic tongue and mouth muscles to keep telling me how scared she was Moonlight was going to pee and poop on her (LOL!).

Addie in car with Goat

Astrid is a pretty hilarious little goatie (actually baby goats are called “kids” but how confusing is that?!?!). She wiggled the entire ride home while Moonlight was completely relaxed. I love that God gives so much attention to giving every single animal their own unique and quirky personalities! I am also grateful that He made me an animal lover. LOVER. You guys, I used to cry when I saw baby animals I loved them so much. I used to play with baby rattlesnakes and catch, literally, buckets and buckets of lizards, frogs, snakes, and turtles. That’s right. Lover. Of. Animals. That’s me. Feeding Moonlight

Here I am giving Moonlight a bottle…I never, in my life, have given a bottle to a living thing. My babies have always nursed so how was I supposed to know that I was supposed to warm the milk up before trying to feed?! Ha. Rookie mistake.

When we got home with the goaties, I set Moonlight down to get Channing out of the car. Mistake. Such a mistake. We chased her around for the next 15 minutes trying to catch her. Baby goats are fast on their hooves! She has been a bit traumatized but I’m sure she will warm up and be fine in a few days. Once she knows where the milk comes from 😉 And these little ones will get no shortage of attention and love! The girls have collars and leashes for them and you better believe we will be walking them all over this property and neighborhood!

10 days into our new house…we are not fully unpacked but we have baby goats and the foundation of our chicken coop in. I’d say we’ve had a great start to our homesteading life! So much fun (and work) still to come!!!


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  1. As your mother I am beyond blest to read the words of your heart. Ylou express yourself so beautifully and I look forward to reading your blogs. I can also affirm, as a witness and participant in your young life that you DID cry when you saw baby animals AND YES, you did play with baby rattlesnakes. Lol…it was a ‘Bad Mama moment!

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