Raw Applesauce Pie

2 Finished Pie Crusts

We had some of our dearest friends over for dinner and had so much fun. We don’t have people over often, mostly because everyone is so busy going in all different directions. I’m not into fancy dinner party’s as much as I am into eating delicious, nutrient dense food, being together around the table, and enjoying each other’s company. So, I keep it pretty simple. Delicious, but simple. That means that I am NOT in the kitchen all night. I prefer to get everything done during the day so I can relax and enjoy the evening. I made a few of my favorite staples, a hamburger and sweet potato stew, fresh baked sourdough roles, and my friend brought a delicious salad. Soul food.

For dessert I did a throwback to my raw vegan days and made an old favorite: raw applesauce pie with a soaked brazil nut and raisin crust. YUM. I traditionally ate this as a breakfast treat but now I use it to bribe my kids…because it has the magical word “pie” in the title, it carries some real weight! Cheap marketing and labels totally works on kids. If you aren’t using both of those tactics to your advantage, start this instant.

Another great thing about this is that it’s very easily digested and quick to make once the nuts and raisins have been soaked. That’s a huge win considering how difficult most “dessert” or sweets are for our bodies to process and I actually feel great about letting my kids think they are having a treat by eating “pie” for breakfast. You too can live this dream. Let’s get to it!


1 pound raw brazil nuts

1 pound raisins

1TBSP Flax Oil (optional)

7 medium sized apples – cored and quartered


The Morning Before:

Soak your nuts and raisins, in separate jars, in water (I use reverse osmosis water with minerals added back in).

24 Hrs Later:

*Drain the nuts and discard the water

*Drain the raisins and reserve the water (it is excellent to use to sweeten smoothies!)

*Blend the nuts and raisins together if you have an excellent blender or a food processor that’s working (mine had the nerve to break). I ended up using my 15 year old vita mixer and so had to do the nuts and raisins separately and in batches. Whatever gets the job done here (see how easy I make it on you?). Brazil nuts on the left (above) will be beautiful and the blended raisins on the right (above) will look a lot like sludge. That’s normal. Ha! If you blended the two separately go ahead and mix them together now.

*This is where I add my flax oil, if I use it, to the crust

*Once you have everything blended together, it’s time to get the crust pressed into the pie plate. I just use my hands to press the crust down evenly into the pie plate. Brazil Nuts are suuper oily and the dampness of the raisins along with the oil of the nuts makes them perfect for pressing and forming into a beautiful crust.

Pie Crust Pressed

*Now it’s time to make our filling. If you are using a blender, start with filling it 1/4 full and blend until completely pulverized then continue to add until all 7 apples are effectively blended into a “sauce” consistency. I add just enough cinnamon to turn the sauce slightly brown. Pour filling into the waiting pie crust, smooth out the top and refrigerate to let firm up a bit. Overnight is best….but I can never wait that long 😉 Bon Appetit!

Finished Pie 1