The FANCIEST Switch Plates! – Fancy Girls Bedroom Update

The Devil’s In The Details

The devil’s in the details, I truly believe that! When it was time to tackle my second born’s room, and transform it from “a boy room” into a girly, almost five year old’s, little girl room, I knew I was going to have to go BIG! This child, in particular, does nothing small, and neither do I for that matter…so I knew the level of detail that would be involved, which is why I waited until Summer was behind us to get started.

This particular portion of her room make-over seems like a small thing, but let me tell you! There are ELEVEN switch plates in this kids room! That’s a lot of little girl charm to miss by leaving them the plain, boring ol’ brownish/yellow! We decided to not miss the opportunity to “girly up” every possible aspect of this room 🙂

Here are the supplies you will need to make these CUUUTE switchplate covers;

  1. Switchplates – we used the ones we already have, but you could also buy them if necessary
  2. Cute scrapbook paper (it has to be the thick paper, like scrapbooking, otherwise the paper will tear and it won’t work)
  3. Modge Podge
  4. Foam brush
  5. Exacto knife or, in a pinch, a box cutter. I won’t say which I used.
  6. Cutting Board
  7. Time and patience (and preferably a baby that is sleeeeping and not climbing up your leg)

Let’s get started!

Step 1:

Put switch plate in the middle of your scrapbook paper and measure, leaving a few centimeters around the whole edge. I cut out a pattern for each size switch plate(I had three different sizes….I know. What?) I started with about 1/2 an inch on each side and then trimmed down from there.

Step 2:

Once you have all of your paper cut out for each switch plate, use your foam brush and modge podge to secure the paper to the switch plate. Glue each paper on, making sure the switch plate is centered on the paper. Once you finish your last plate (remember, I had ELEVEN), your first one should be dry. Now you can grab your exacto knife or box cutter and carefully cut, on top of your cutting board, out the large holes for the switches and outlets on your switch plates.

Step 3:

Once the main holes are cut, it’s time to cut the edges down to the exact size for the finished product. Roll the switch plate up onto it’s side so the paper is covering the edge. Using your exacto knife, start at one end and slice right along the edge, getting rid of all the paper hanging over in order to cut to size. Once you have the correct size, use your scissors to cut the paper, at each corner, at an angle (this is to insure the paper lays flat when we glue the edges.

Apply a healthy amount of modge podge to one edge at a time and roll the switch plate up, hold until glue dries enough to hold the paper in place, or add additional glue to the top and bottom of the paper.

Step 4:

The final step is simply going back over the tops and sides with a layer of modge podge to seal and protect your fancy new switch plates 🙂 You’re done!!

I did not bother trying to cut the holes out for the little screws to re-attach to the wall, just poke the screw through once you are actually putting the switch place back onto the wall. The screw easily pushes through the paper and the screw head covers the hole.

Now go make your switch plates awesome!!


Here – Let Them Be White!

Here – Flower Mirror

Here – Geometry Wall

Here – Glitter Wall

Here – Completed Bedroom Tour

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