Geometry Wall – Fancy Girls Bedroom Makeover Series!

The Making of the Perfect “Girl” Wall

This was actually the first portion of my second born’s bedroom makeover I tackled! This is the largest wall in her bedroom, and would also be the main feature wall, so I had to get it right. I had her pick her 3 favorite colors (pink, purple, and blue) and we had a special mama daughter date to our  local Lowes to look at paint strips. I chose a strip with 3 shades of colors for all 3 of her favorite colors. That was fun and also helped build some excitement for this big make over project for her bedroom. The first one we have actually ever done for her! Lots of excitement 🙂


  1. At least 2 colors of paint, though I prefer 3…I think 4 at the most, if you have a VERY large wall. Make sure the colors compliment eachother, otherwise it will just look too chaotic!
  2. A good painters tape, I prefer Frog tape ( you can’t miss the green tape on the painting aisle!). It’s specifically formulated to not allow  paint to seep under it, ruining your perfectly straight lines. Take some advice from yours truly and follow the directions if you have a textured wall you are working on…there are special instructions for these surfaces.
  3. A good 2-3 inch paint brush. I use the Wooster, which are just as good ad Purdy, but not quite as expensive. I use an angled brush so I can also cut in the edges of the ceiling and don’t have to switch brushes. That’s annoying.
  4. Small paint bucket
  5. Ladder (unless you are fortunate to NOT HAVE vaulted ceilings and will not be going up and down a ladder all. day. long. AHEM.)

First things first, you will need to assess your walls for texture. Unless you are painting straight onto drywall, chances are your walls are textured, which means you will need to follow specific directions to get the best results from your frog tape. Yours truly happened to learn this after the fact, and I’m trying to save you the meticulous nightmare of “fixing” imperfect lines after the fact. Go ahead and watch that little tutorial here. I am not responsible for the narrators poor acting skills.

Once you have watched the exciting video and know how to properly apply your frog tape, you are ready to start! I began by taping, essentially, a large “X” from corner to corner across the wall. From that I did several other long strips across the wall at different diagonal angles. It is helpful to have another adult helping at this point, especially if it’s a large wall, in order to keep the tape straight. Step back after each tape application to make sure you are liking how the design is looking over all. Here’s where our pattern ended up

As you can see, I taped the color of paper I wanted to paint each space to the wall…this gave me a decent idea of how the wall would look when it was done. I moved the colors around until I was happy with the flow of colors, and got to work!

Pink first! I love the pink color she chose for this space!

I was thrilled she chose blue (thank you Elsa) as one of her colors. I get annoyed that blue has somehow become off limits as a girl color.

And finally, purple! The tape came off (lots of micro touch up, thanks to my lack of frog taping knowledge) and it looks AWESOME!! I think these colors are so beautiful together! Even though the pink and purple shout “GIRLY” the blue really balances everything out nicely so that it’s not too over the top.

In addition to the dark brown carpet, brown ceiling beams, brown window treatment, and cream-yellow wall color, the trim was also dark brown. No wonder my 4 year old, princess loving, daughter walked in and announced her displeasure at having a “boy room”. So, here you see….trim is painted white! Such a small thing but makes a huge difference in this space to break up all the brown and masculine feel of this room. Since there is nothing to be done about the carpet (yet) or the window coverings (for the foreseeable future) I am happy with the smaller details here.

I painted the rest of the walls in the same light blue as I used on the geometry wall. It’s cool, calming, and gives the room an overall “girly neutral” feel. Hopefully there is enough variety in these colors that she will love this color scheme for several years.

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