Let them be WHITE! Fancy Girls Bedroom Update

My husband built Fancy Girl an adorable little house bookshelf/dollhouse last year, which I did not stain or paint because it went perfectly with her very earthy montessori type bedroom at the time. Everything in her bedroom, including the house bed he had also made her, her night stand, her dresser, art table, etc. was raw wood.

I debated back and forth about painting them for her new updated bedroom. If I did paint them, what color? Then it happened. I made the mistake of asking her opinion. Don’t. Do. It. She vacillated between painting all of her furniture pink or purple and finally settled on WHITE, with absolutely no influence or input from yours truly (okay I bribed her with chocolate! it works in a pinch). Whew. Bullet dodged.

Technically, “they” say you should prime raw wood before painting, but I’m not into buying a whole other gallon of white paint, when I already have a half gallon of white paint…am I right? I mean, I just don’t get it. I just opted to paint each piece twice, like I would be doing with a primer anyways…? See my confusion there?

Here are the pieces before any painting. I did sand the top of the nightstand a bit…it was a tad beat up after a year and a half of use. Here is the raw wood grain of the pieces before¬† painting. The bookshelf had this really cool knot detail at the bottom I initially was not going to paint because I liked it so much…but it really just looked silly once everything else was painted but that one strip, so I did end up having to paint it after all.

I had put a sticky wall decal on the inside back of that bookshelf so I had to be careful and actually cut in every stupid edge and angle. It took F.O.R.E.V.E.R. with a little kids paint brush. Ugh. I’m never painting these again…which is why they needed to be white! Obviously, because I did not prime them, I did two coats of paint. Even with the double coat, the wood grain still did show through, which I love! So I was very pleased, overall with how these pieces turned out. Again, I purposed at creating neutral pieces that will continue to work as she grows…and white is always in style.

Final Product:

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